Museum multimedia website development

See on our sample site how simple, cost-effective interactive multimedia can enhance the experience for both web visitors and venue visitors.

This sample site is based around Southampton's Tudor Merchants Hall, the venue for Footmark's seminars for heritage organisations.

Inexpensive web and multimedia interactivity to enhance your collection, venue or museum

Multimedia and the web are inexpensive tools much under-used by many museums, heritage sites and archives because people mistakenly think they require big budgets.


At Footmark Media, we believe multimedia can be an empowering and cost-effective way for museums to:

offer more information, interactivity and learning

reach a wider audience serve the community, researchers, schools and enthusiasts

create an interactive community between experts, curators and the general public

offer accessibility and language options

create pre- and post-visit learning experiences

provide more access to collections where display space is limited

Interactive web technology-based multimedia can be delivered online, in-gallery and on CD-ROM or DVD. CD-ROM archives are ideal for staff management, providing information for researchers and students, and for creating school resources and 'collection highlights' to sell. Production can be simple, phased and inexpensive to meet small budgets. See > FAQS and > Is it expensive?

Multimedia content can include text, images (maps, photographs, paintings), audio (recordings, transcripts), film (archive materials), video (demonstrations, visual guide), and animations and fly-throughs. When combined with interactivity they can create a wide range of exciting learning experiences, flexible exploration routes to differing levels of information, and the ability to become part of the exhibition itself whether onsite or somewhere else in the world! See > What is multimedia? and > What is interactivity?

Why contact Footmark media?

At Footmark we have a strong enthusiasm for heritage and education and communicating its message in an exciting learning format, and we understand and respect the integrity of the source materialvideo poker en ligne. We place strong priority on the client having control over the appropriate use of materials and any associated interactive activity.

We strongly believe that an impactful communication of information does not need to be expensive and we will look for ways to create what you want within your budget and timescales.

We have a genuine interest in your museum or collection and would like to understand and learn from your establishment 's display, educational, communication and interactive needs and your focus and goals. We are happy to chat via telephone and email or to visit you, and offer advice and suggestions on how you can achieve your goals within your budget. See > Why use Footmark and > About us